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Getting on the Write Path!

 A writer at heart' Vejay enjoyed writing from an early age, completing his first book

'The Haunted Treasure' at the age of 7. This was a short children's story set in Mexico, about a Lost Treasure with a terrible curse and Evil Treasure Pirates who would stop at nothing in finding the Treasure - Can just a small boy with half a map, put a stop to their evil plans?

Vejay typed up the entire manuscript using his very first manual Olivetti typewriter & bound the pages himself - DIY fashion, using his mothers embroidery kit!

Every page included illustrations - some of which consisted of highly developed Stick Men! 

In fact parts of his very first story have provided Vejay with inspiration for his current 700 page novel! 

Poisonous Creatures Testimonials & Reviews

"A Great Hands-on guide that could really save your Life!"     Karen McMahon - Mijas Television 

"Very useful and informative but also Enjoyable to read with Excellent illustrations"    Mr G Shaw 

"All the animals you wouldn't want to be bitten by are listed in this book with colour photographs and useful information..."    Wendy Williams - The Olive Press 

"I used Dr Venom's Guide to identify a monstrous centipede that had climbed into my daughter's hair - its so useful"   Mrs D Burrows 

"An indispensable guide - Poisonous Creatures will leave you well-equipped with knowledge of how to evade nasty bites."   Gabrielle Devon - The Euro Weekly News 

"Your book can really save lives.."   Hannah Murray - Presenter Talk Radio Europe

"all in all, a reasonably comprehensive volume" with "Sound Advice" and "An Entertaining read"                                                                                                                                           Peter Kirk - Editor: British Tarantula Society

               "An indispensable reference tool for Doctors & Clinics in Spain and Europe"                                                        Dr Azucena Gonzalez - Clinica Gatycan  

 By the age of 8, and equipped with a more advanced vocabulary, he had written his next Children's Fiction book 'The House of Doom'. A Dark story about Lonely mansion on the top of a gloomy old hill in the English countryside, which was haunted by terrifying ghosts and goblins. And those brave enough to visit the house were never to return!

But can Dr Mauricio - an acclaimed Ghost Hunter who lives across the ocean in South America, baffled by the story and looking for an opportunity to test his new Ghost Catching Machine, rid the Mansion of the terrible Ghost's & Monsters?

A little more sophisticated in his DIY skills, Vejay laminated this book in sticky backed plastic - Blue Peter style! And even posted the manuscript to Ladybird Books, who written back with encouraging feedback:

"Thank you for writing to us and for sending us the children's story that you have written and illustrated. I have very much enjoyed reading your story and do congratulate you on the high standard you have achieved. You have clearly put a great deal of careful work into producing this and I do hope you will continue with your writing"   Patricia M Ross. Ladybird Books Ltd.

You can see Scanned Copies of Dr Venom's very first Books and related Letters in

'My Writes!' Album in Photos   

 Later, during the same year, Vejay along with his two best friends in Primary School produced his next Manuscript, 'The Space Gazette' - A magazine style book all about Outer Space, featuring information about the Solar System, Space facts, 'Adventure in Space' story, Jokes & Aliens!

 Vejay & friends sent a copy of the magazine to the popular children's Television show Blue Peter

who written back:

"It was kind of you to send us a copy of your magazine 'Space Gazette'. We were interested to read about space sports - it sounds great fun! Because your magazine was so good, we are awarding you Blue Peter badges which we hope you'll enjoy wearing!.." Blue Peter. BBC Television

 Their work earned them a TV appearance and a prized Blue Peter Badge, not to mention a dedication by the Headmaster of Newport Primary.

Oh, and yes - Vejay still has his Blue Peter Badge!

The very first year of Secondary School was the time for his next Non Fiction manuscript

'The Microbes Fact-File'

Although Vejay was currently learning about about simple cell structures in his favorite subject - he dedicated his spare time to further study more advanced features of cells and their functions, usually taught at 'A Level'. This book had more pages than his previous ones and was the first manuscript he produced entirely on a computer.

His work earned him a Gold Merit Award and much appraisal by teachers and piers.


Every now and again very large Anacondas feed on the little indigenous Indians endemic to the Amazonas. Usually these monster sized serpents prefer more

manageable prey such as Capybara

Did you know that snakes can swallow prey four times bigger than their own mouth?

They are able to do this because they have special tendons in their mouth which can stretch very wide. On a couple of occasions, some snakes have swallowed whole Tigers and Alligators. This would be equal to us swallowing a football!

Reports of the longest, heaviest and oldest reptiles abound, many cannot be verified. A reticulated python, shot in Indonesia in 1912, was said to be 32 feet 9 1/2 inches in length.

One Burmese Python weighed in at over 400 pounds. Although seldom as long as the giant pythons, the green anaconda is the heaviest snake in

the World. Sir Percy Fawcett is said to have killed an anaconda measuring 62 feet in 1907, in Brazil.

 Dr Venom on Venom Cure! - How Lethal Snake Venom may actually be able to used Save lives and perhaps even an anti-aging alternative to Botox!

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