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Venomous Media & Television V.M.TV                                                           "Natural History with a Bite!"

VMTV is the Innovative & Stylish New Media Label in Natural History

Television & Media Production & Broadcasting

Introducing an Exciting New Level of Wildlife filming with an Artistic edge

Using 'State of the Art' HDV Technology

Check out some of our Exciting New Projects:

Coming Soon; Go Wild in Spain!

(All Rights Reserved 2006. The 'Go Wild' name & logo are Trademarked)

Join Dr Venom & the team as we Explore the Wild Side of Europe's largest Holiday Resort and discover a myriad of Beautiful to the darn right DEADLY Creatures resident in Southern Spain!

Includes Exciting new footage of never before filmed species & Sensational animal behavior

  Check out this Really Wild Trailer -with Fab footage of the Dangerous Funnel Web Spider! 


Delve into the Fact & Superstition behind your Greatest Fear! 

Dr Venom Gets Close up to World's mostDangerous Spiders..,

So you can Watch from a safe distance...on TV!

Next Expedition: Sumatra; Hunt for the Orang Pendek Creature! 


The Tropical Island of Sumatrain Indonesia is the destination for our next Film Expedition where Dr Venom and the Team will endeavor to find the elusive Orang Pendek: 


A biped primate cryptid that is believed to inhabit the inner rainforests of the Kerinci Seblat Valley which surround the active Volcano Kerinci. Sumatra is home to the rare Sumatran Tiger, Sumatran Rhino, Giant Snakes & Saltwater Crocodiles, the worlds biggest & tallest flowers, and Venomous Spiders 


Its the only place on Earth where all the animal characters of Walt Disney's animation feature film 'the Jungle Book' co-exist! 


VMTVwill venture deep into virgin jungle where we intend to catch New unknown and rare species on film and possibly the rare Cryptid Creature - The Orang Pandek!

.M.TV - Natural History with a Bite! 

Venomous Media & Television

Getting you Closer to the Action!

Reporting Reality - as it is..,

Getting the Right View!

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