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This area is dedicated to the plight of Endangered species, Animal suffering and the Sustained efforts of Conservationist's that work arduously to make a Real difference
"Conservation for the Future!" 
 Cute Baby Harp Seal... 
Playful Dolphins... 
Loyal Friends... 
  And Our  best  buddies...
 Part of the Family...
The Majestic Shark  is an Ancient Predator to be respected... 
  Same Baby Harp Seal - Cute?
Clubbing to Death - is allowed by LAW! 
 Hundreds of thousands of Seals are culled in one season!
Playful  Dolphins?
Dolphins are Highly Intelligent Mammals that have saved people lives, yet Thousands are Slaughtered every Year and Canned!  
Part of the Family? 
For those who have the Ability, have a Duty to do what is Right! 
Shark Attacks makes sensational News 
Less than 100 people have been killed by Sharks
...Every year - Millions  of Sharks are Killed for the Fins!
 Innocentuntil proven guilty?  
A Christmas gift to be Cherished
or Abandoned?
 Every Year thousands of dogs are abandoned onto the streets whilst some are butchered for Meat!
More than half of the World's Animals live in the Rainforests -
More and more  forests cleared for Palm oil plantations & development 
  Over 60 Million  acres are Destroyed Every Year!
 Our World  -  our Problem!
"Together, we can make a Difference" 
International C.A.S.E Individuals, Groups & Organisations working with & supported by Dr Venom
  C.A.S.E: Saving Dugongs & Sea Turtles - Australia 
Colin Riddell (Dugong Man) & Bob Irwin are working tirelessly to help protect Dugongs, Turtles and other indigenous Australian Wildlife from Habitat destruction and out-dated Traditional Hunting methods. They are also fighting to achieve a temporary moratorium in order to ascertain wild population numbers of Dugongs - as no such census report has yet been carried out! 
The Dugong Dugong dugon is a large placid marine mammal which, together with the manatees belong to the order Sirenia. Its closest modern relative, Steller's sea cow Hydrodamalis gigas, was hunted to extinction in the 18th century.
The majority of dugongs live in the northern waters of Australia. The dugong is the only strictly-marine herbivorous mammal. But they are hunted for their meat and oil. The IUCN lists the dugong as a species
Vulnerable to Extinction 
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