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Dr Venoms Guide to Poisonous Creatures of the Mediterranean


Dr Venoms new guide to Poisonous Creatures  of the Med is out now:

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All Royalties from this book will go to the Cancer Hospice Cudeca on the Costa del Sol


Millions of people are bitten or stung by poisonous creatures every year, sometimes with fatal consequences. Just imagine……

You´re on the beach and the kids are playing in the water – a SCREAM! One of the children get stung by a jelly fish – what should you do immediately?

How do you avoid being bitten by a mosquito?

You´re trekking in the campo – OUCH! You step on a snake and get bitten. you caught a glimpse of what it looked like – but was it harmless or dangerous?

Your eating out with the family and one of the children is stung by a wasp and develops an allergic reaction – How do you quickly tell a Spanish doctor what stung your child?

You´re in the hotel getting dressed – AAH! you´ve been bitten by a spider – is it Dangerous?

Dr Venoms Guide provides all the answers to the above and much more, ensuring you and your family can enjoy your vacation, even if you get on the wrong side of nature!

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